Jewlery with a purpose  



Far to many times in the jewelry industry, we are sold low-quality and over-priced material, with the intension of scaming you. Luckily I am here to break that stereotype, by providing you with affordable and high quality jewelry. 

I believe everyone deserves to know where their jewelry comes from. With that being said, I put love and care into each one of our products individually.

Each product is handmade.


Princess Tiant

18 years old

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


Hey I'm princess. I've always aspired to be my own boss. on august of 2020 I took a huge risk and started my own business. I had to teach myself how to finance, budget, market, sew, and most importantly not give up. All of this at just the age of 16. 

I'm now 18, about to graduate, and able to launch my rebranded business entitled "Dainty Planet". I haven't stopped working my hardest to insure that everyone who clicks on my site finds something to fit their personality. 

I try to make each order an experience when opening. There's no reason why you shouldn't feel like a little kid opening a gift on Christmas morning. Each order is handmade with love, dedication, and hours of work. <3